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Most frequently asked questions and answers about OYOapp

OYOapp is an automated service business assistant designed to help service business owners better manage and grow their businesses efficiently.

OYOapp helps service business owners save money and time while giving them an advantage over competitors. It also helps customers connect with service business owners and provides features customers can use to better manage their interactions. Overall, it supercharges service businesses by improving sales and client satisfaction while modernizing how people connect to one another.

Key features include selling services (in-person or online), client data management (portfolio of clients), appointment and calendar management, automated transactions/payments, performance analytics, client notes, shareable modernized business profile page, automated notifications, and reminders, flexible configuration of availability (including break and vacations), access to a business performance manager, business improvement guides, hacks, and tips.

Yes, OYOapp offers a 3-day free trial.

Yes, there are Android & iOS apps available. However, business owner account users need to create a web account first. After that, the account will be available in the mobile app.

The 3-step launch process involves creating your web account on OYOapp.com, setting up your availability & services, and finally, launching your business.

Yes, OYOapp allows you to expand your horizons by connecting with other business owners. You can thereby unlock fresh ideas, gain valuable knowledge, and build relationships.

OYOapp can benefit business owners such as barbers, makeup artists, hair stylists, digital and online service professionals, career/life coaches, lash and nail professionals, hair braiders, massage therapists, yoga instructors, personal trainers, tutors, and more.

By offering features that allow business owners to easily automate and manage their business. This frees up more time for them to focus on their clients, thereby improving overall client satisfaction.

Yes, OYOapp offers an analytics dashboard displaying various types of insights (sales, tips, customer satisfaction, total appointments, cancellations, no-shows) that help you learn how to become more efficient, improve service delivery, and get better results.

Building a business network through OYOapp helps you gain exclusive access to business improvement guides, savvy business hacks, and tips, expanding your knowledge and potentially increasing your business opportunities.

OYOapp allows business owners to set up their availability directly within the app. This enables clients to book appointments based on the service provider’s real-time availability, streamlining the scheduling process. Once an appointment is completed, the payment is automatically processed.

Yes, OYOapp includes options for clients to leave reviews and feedback to help business owners improve their services and client satisfaction.

OYOapp provides user support through various channels, such as email, in-app support, phone, and a knowledge base to help users navigate and make the most out of the platform’s features.

OYOapp is designed with security and privacy in mind, implementing industry-standard measures to protect the personal and professional data of its users.

Yes, OYOapp allows business owners to customize their profiles, including the services they offer, pricing, and availability, enabling a personalized presentation to potential clients. Customers can also customize their profiles.

Yes, OYOapp offers business performance analytical features, which include sales, tips, customer satisfaction, total appointments, cancellations, and no-show insights to help users understand their business trends, client engagement, and areas for improvement.

OYOapp provides various resources, such as tutorials and user guides, to help new users efficiently set up and start managing their businesses on the platform. OYOapp users can also request an onboarding specialist to assist with a demo/walkthrough.

OYOapp rolls out updates and new features regularly to improve user experience and add functionalities. Users are notified through the app or via email about such updates and how to make the most of new features.

OYOapp provides tools for scheduling client appointments, setting cancellation policies, and managing reschedules, helping to streamline the booking process and minimize potential disruptions to the business.


OYOapp includes portfolio management, analytics and reporting tools that allow users to track key performance indicators, client behavior trends, and business growth metrics over time, helping to inform strategic decisions and adjustments.

By automating administrative tasks, streamlining scheduling, and providing efficient business management tools, OYOapp helps users save time and reduce stress, contributing to a better work-life balance.

OYOapp offers educational resources and access to industry trends, contributing to its users’ professional development by keeping them informed about industry trends and best practices.

Yes, to improve appointment reliability, OYOapp has an automated reminder feature that sends notifications to clients about upcoming appointments, reducing the likelihood of no-shows and late cancellations. OYOapp users can easily select when they would like to receive notifications and reminders in account settings.

OYOapp allows business owners to create a portfolio section (past work images) within their profile where they can showcase their previous work, testimonials, and reviews, helping to attract new clients by demonstrating their expertise and quality of service.

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